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"My experience with Detailing Outpost was fantastic. Jose was early to our appointment and explained his detailing process. Clean, clay, polish and sealant. The detailing products used on my SUV were a commercial grade and I was impressed with the quality. The finished product – MY NEW LOOKING SUV speaks for itself. I am 100% satisfied and I will use and recommend Jose Detailing Outpost again."

- Mike D, April 16 2019
"Detail Outpost came out and restored the headlamps on my TL at the end September/Early October. When I say restored, I mean restored. Jose (owner) treated my TL with TLC (tender loving care for those non-educated). They looked better than OEM. After 6 months and a whole winter beat down they still look bright and shiny. Detail Outpost is my one and only. If you do not use them, your loss."

- Justin C.
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