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"My experience with Detailing Outpost was fantastic. Jose was early to our appointment and explained his detailing process. Clean, clay, polish and sealant. The detailing products used on my SUV were a commercial grade and I was impressed with the quality. The finished product – MY NEW LOOKING SUV speaks for itself. I am 100% satisfied and I will use and recommend Jose Detailing Outpost again."

- Mike D, April 16 2019

"Detail Outpost came out and restored the headlamps on my TL at the end September/Early October. When I say restored, I mean restored. Jose (owner) treated my TL with TLC (tender loving care for those non-educated). They looked better than OEM. After 6 months and a whole winter beat down they still look bright and shiny. Detail Outpost is my one and only. If you do not use them, your loss."

- Justin C.

"Mobile Detailing is an industry typically saturated with unscrupulous individuals cutting corners and not fulfilling services in which they sell. It's an unfortunate common theme I've personally experienced, so it is with pleasure I write this review of Mr. Serna with Detailing Outpost.

As a detail oriented individual myself, I am admittedly very picky and meticulous in the manner in which I care for belongings. It is rare for a service provider to impress me none the less earn my trust. Mr. Serna has done just this with the detailing services he has performed for my vehicles, as well as for family members.

To find an individual like Mr. Serna whom takes true pride in his craft, is honest and fair, completes services to a high level of detail, and whom I can trust to access our home while we are on travel to detail our vehicles, is a rarity in this industry. Mr. Serna always goes above and beyond in rendering services and possesses a tremendous knowledge of the art of detailing and vehicles as a whole.

It is with pleasure I enthusiastically recommend Mr. Serna as he has become a trusted partner in the care of our vehicles and an individual I truly value and trust."

Justin T.

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